13A Final Portfolio

Process: I think this was the most exciting project from me yet. The reason

for that was that all the images and content was the wok I had already done. I’m very proud of most of the work so the process was developing a introduction page that expressed myself and what was inside of the portfolio. I had to decide what projects were more important to put first. Making my logo and coming up with words to describe me where fun because I had the idea to make shapes that meet so that my message could get across more effectively, I hope you enjoy the presentation and hopefully when I do present this, the viewer will indeed be impressed and think if me in a more professional way.
Critique Report:
Elizabeth McDonaldHi Erika! Your title slide is super creative. I like the angle and the theme “Where potential and creativity meet.” I was a little distracted by the placement of your “z” in Martinez. What if you made the text of your name a little smaller so yourSee More
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Heather SimpsonI agree with Elizabeth, your slide show is great, especially the first and last. About the order, I would suggest moving the event flyer after the social media slide and after the slide design. Also, I would recommend orienting the vertical text sideways. When the letters are stacked it is hard to read. In Sister Larson’s video I think she had some vertical text if you don’t know what I mean. Other than that I think it’s fabulous!! Love the colors on the first and last!!
Kristen LarsonReally nice color scheme Erika! Here is your video critique: http://screencast.com/t/pMYGNvnsyxv
I had the right idea when I  chose my words along with the shape. I was critiqued by Elizabeth and Heather, along with Sister Larson. They liked my design but had some suggestions, I took each of them because I thought they were useful and what I needed.  Elizabeth suggested that I make my name less connected to my introduction. I changed the orientation of my name and made it a bit more pleasing. Heather suggested moving some of my slides and since I had asked for the recommendation I did move my slides the way she suggested. Sister Larson  reminded me the “NO-NO” of typography which was stacking the letters so I changed that and made the changes to the slides that needed it.
I critiqued Jolene Bullock and Heather Simpson.
Image Source for Cover and Last Slide:
Font Used: Gill Sans MT

12B Project (Print & Video)

This project was not as hard as I pictured it because I had already done the work previously. I started with looking at my previous layout from 7A I looked at it and decided that I needed to simplify my layout so with the sketch I made modifications in the Shape Map . I was able to add pictures and then go from there, when making the Map I was able to see that I didn’t need as many pictures and didn’t needed to add as much. It is very simple but I felt that it looked nice I was going to add color because I wanted the color pop but in my critiques was told that the way I had it was better. Here is my final Project:

Final magazine Spread

My Sketch and Shape Mat:

Sketch for Magazine SpreadShape Map

My Message and Audience: This was my testimony that could be shared with anyone who needed that reinforcement in their life that we are not perfect and do make mistakes but that we eventually grow the faith we once had and can return to the flock of sheep and be happy again. This is my story for anyone who had doubted or been lost in their way, because I had been for  12 years, it can happen to anyone. What I wanted people who read this is that our Savior loves us and has worked hard with each and everyone of us, to get us to be our very best and ultimately return to him some day. I hope that my story can help someone who is struggling or bring comfort to someone who feels lost, you are not alone!

I was critiqued by:

Colin Strong Erika, I like your high quality photos. As for adding background color, draw a rectangle that will fit your page and bleed over if you want, then fill that box with a color. Once you do that, send the rectangle to the back (in order of all other layers) and that should do it. I also like your simplicity of how you have written your article compared to photos. I am guessing this article would be for an adult audience?
Kristen Larson Here is your video critique Erika! http://screencast.com/t/a4tgqbq0P5Jg

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Elizabeth McDonaldThis is such a beautiful article! I love it so much! Well done. I wouldn’t use a background color on this article. It think it would take away from the simple beauty of it. The only thing I have a suggestion for is to make a little space between paragraphs. Well done! I am super impressed.
I wanted to apply a background color and was given advice by Colin on how to do that but Sister Larson and Elizabeth thought that it looked simple and quite nice not adding background color, so I didn’t. I was told to indent my paragraphs and give them spacing which I did. I tired adding contrast to the title and making the first picture bleed of the page. I also changed the quote font to the same as the title and only used 2 fonts instead. I used all suggestions and made the changes because I knew that the suggestions would make my project look very nice and like a real magazine spread.
I critiqued Colin Strong and Megan Sue Sirrine

Image Sources

Image 1: http://img.wallpaperfolder.com/f/4459C238402A/misty-autumn-morning-5948.jpg

Image 2: http://www.htcd.church/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Mustard-Seed.jpg

Fonts: Title and Quotes – Edwardian Script (Decorative Script), Body -Bookman Old Style (serif,oldstyle)