10A Movie Poster (Print and Video)

photoshop movie poster

Oh how I cried over this project! In hindsight it was fun but boy did the work kill me. I feel that I tried my hardest in this assignment but was not impressed with my work. Blending was super hard, the exercise we did helped but in no way close to where I wanted my project to look. I over guessed everything and was super embarrassed about putting my face on a poster and have to show it in class. The editing was not as bad I think I got the handle of it but the blending was the worst! I kept going over and over with the brush, trying different opacity and different brushes and was unsuccessful in my try but I was able to put something together. I changed the picture I originally used because it was my favorite out of the 2. I hope you all can enjoy and laugh at my version of a shopaholic!

The task was describing myself into a movie because there are so many but I decided on one  which was: Confessions of a shopaholic .  I had a problem to as many of us might have with purchasing and some might differ with what they spend but it all the same, spending sometimes out of control. When I was younger in my 20’s I actually went crazy and bought things and didn’t think twice about the debt I was creating. I am still working to pay all that money off  but my message in this project was to see a shopaholic’s perspective in a funny comedy you could laugh it, since debt is really no laughing matter.

The audience I was trying to reach was in fact everyone that has ever felt the way she did. Confused or oblivious to how credit works and that in fact you have to pay the money back! Or if you just wanted to laugh at how some may react when they think that credit is free money. It truly is a serious matter but this was a very fun way to look at debt and trying to pay it off.

My Critique:

Jesus Arredondo HI Erika I like your movie poster There are few thing I would change here one would be th glow on the face of the personagge and the other would be to move the first 2 lines of text to a lower place so there is some margin for those words

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Kristen Larson Here is the video critique Erika! http://screencast.com/t/gmrMgUo831EM

Shared from Screencast.com
Leah BashamHi, Erika. Great choice of movie! 🙂 I think you’re headed in the right direction. My suggestion would try to rotate your face a little on the poster. The part in the actress’ hair is actually a side part. On your poster it looks like a middle part. You may not get it to be an perfect side part, but it should help a little with the positioning of the head – might make it a little more natural looking. You may even be able to make the head a tad bit small this way depending on how the jaw lines align. Also, work with the blending tool on a layer mask to help blend the edges a little more. I’m excited to see your final project!
I had good critiques for this project and am grateful for the input as I  knew I needed tremendous help with this project. Jesus suggested that I change the font position and I did because I saw that he was right and also that my face had a lot of help too. Sister Larson explained color match which I used but don’t think it helped because of original actress and myself were two different colors something I didn’t take into account. I aligned my text and think I did a better job putting my title and other typeface together. Everyone’s consensus was that I fit my head, I tried blending, repositioning, image refining and nothing I still had stubble.
I critiqued Jesus Arredondo and Heather Simpson.
Font Used: for Subtitle: Neon Lights and for comments: Franklin Gothic Medium all were san serif
I attempted the extra credit and made my: Erika Martinez in, in neon effect and used the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OqtGqRvDww&index=17&t=185s&list=PLuQZzG-z6zBL8Qcvbs8bmynN2_DZD7Sb0

2 thoughts on “10A Movie Poster (Print and Video)

  1. thepinkfeline says:

    You have all of my empathy with you for this project! I was tearing my hair out and crying over the darn thing! But, you did really well in getting things lined up! Keep up the determination and efforts, they’ll pay off!

    ~ Jolene

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  2. seattlebenson says:

    This is one of my favorite movies and I really love what you decided to do! I feel like you did a good job and making your skin color match the original actors! However, I do think that you should have tried to make your face a little smaller to make it more proportional with the size of the head because your chin doesn’t really work out. But, other than that everything else looks great! Keep it up!
    Check out my blog: https://seattlebenson.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/10a-movie-poster-project-print-video/
    Check out Megan Kezell’s blog: https://megankezellblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/movie-poster-project/

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