9A Photographic Study Project

This was very overwhelming at least for me because I have no experience prior to using Photoshop and almost wanted to give up because I felt so inadequate in this project. After feeling this way for a couple of days I decided to stop with the negatively and start with your creativity and see where this possibly take me! Without giving it away, my subject was a happily married couple. Please enjoy!

Husband looking at camera

This picture was taken of the happy couple during their photo shoot. They were positioned in their gazebo and Mrs. Whoswho was looking away while we snapped her profile while Mr. Whoswho was looking into the camera.    Wife looking at camera

Here we have a different angle and I was trying to sneak up on Mrs. Whoswhos but she caught me and I managed to catch half of her face. I also caught Mr. Whoswhos profile in this picture.couple looking at camera

The happy couple wanted to start with us taking a picture in front of their home from a higher level, and we have more of those poses in the post.couple looking at camera

The couple wanted to showcase their home so they wanted to pose in front of their slide and window to illustrate the beautiful finishes to the house like the window and slide, because who doesn’t need a slide in their own home!Couple in their home

They couple choose to pose in the home and wanted the whole house to be shown because they were very proud of what they have achieved and how beautiful it is. It has swings, a ladder, a lounge chair, and they maintain flowers all long the home.couple on a bridge

The couple wanted people to see their favorite spot in the house, the bridge because this is where they looked at the sky together, talk, and like to be at night. you can see here that they like to hold hands as they spend time outside.Photoshop collage

My Process:

So like I mentioned in the beginning this project was a real undertaking for me because I have absolutely no experience in design so I wanted to cry and just call it quits, but after much debiting with myself I decided to try my best and try to learn from this experience.

I decided to choose my daughters toys because they are technically mine. These toys are called Woodzeez and I am in love but because it would be weird if they were mine I started buying them for my daughter but knew they were for me and the Family I wanted the most was the WhosWhos. I think the Owl and name just made it super cute so knew I wanted to use them as my subject. They have 2 children but wanted to capture what my version of a happy couple is because to me they are. I wanted to shoot them with their home for many reasons: the treehouse is beautiful, it had many places I could shoot, it could show how the couple lives having flowers and furniture they enjoy, and because shooting in their home would make them look more loving at least I think. I did take many angles and perspectives and I hope I was able to get that across. I did close up and far away, natural light, night time, flash, and house light. I took aerial and looking up at them. I did side posses and even made them seem as if they were trying to take selfie. In the end I had fun during the Photoshoot it give me a chance to get my creative side out.

blended photo

This is the Photo I blended, It was my favorite so I wanted to use it over again. She looks like she is taking a selfie so its just cute to me. I wasn’t able to blend it with the instructions I was given in vital information so I was blessed that my son (7th grade) is using photoshop in his graphic design class and was able to show me how he does it. I hope I hit the mark but either way I attempted it and gave it the old college try!

This is the original picture:toy owls

The texture photo I used was:

bubbles texture

Photo Source: https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=http%3A%2F%2Forig06.deviantart.net%2Fce0b%2Ff%2F2013%2F227%2Fa%2F9%2Flight_bokeh_texture_59_by_xnienke-d6i8gbx.jpg&sp=c70421311234c1c891fc34a9df0be2f3

Critique Report

These are the critiques I received from Jesus and Heather:

Jesus Arredondo Erika I think your collage is very creative I liked the focus effect on some of the pictures my favorite was the the one in the upper right cortner. One of the things I would change would be the alignment of the WHOSWHOS word since there is a small overlap with the image and would make the color of the font stronger to create more contrast between the letters and the background
The images are great
Heather SimpsonSuper cute subject. I like them! The top left picture looks squished. The contrast of the type color and the background makes it hard to read. Also, the bottom of ‘whoswhos’ doesn’t sit on the top edge of the picture below, but the other words sit on top of the picture. Does that make sense? It is just an alignment matter. Easy fix. I would tone down the pink a bit, event though it matches her dress, or even pick a different color all together for the background. In my opinion, your pictures make the owls come alive. They have little personalities now. I love the top right one, it makes me think that he has discovered me watching them in their little house. Sorry if this came across as blunt. I just wanted to help critique, but don’t have a lot of time. I think you are on the right track, with only a couple changes to make. It is adorable.
I knew I needed help so I was grateful for the suggestions and advice. Jesus suggested that I align the text better and change the colors of font and to make it pop more. I did and changed the whole color background and color of the font, changed the font type to make it more pleasing as I could see where it was hard to read and how the colors were not clashing, still using the eyedropper to use the color in the photos. Heather suggested the same and that I maybe change the background so I did because it was hot pink which was very loud.
I critiqued Jesus Arredondo and Spencer Van Hauwaert.



3 thoughts on “9A Photographic Study Project

  1. pollyreyesblog says:

    I love your photos. My favorite is the one that looks like a selfie. I like how your photos make it look like you are standing right next to them. Makes me want to go play with them. The colors are beautiful and the background color you picked for your collage is perfect. I also like the picture of Mrs. Who’s Who of half her face. It does look like you were trying to sneak up on her. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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