8C LFC Photography Activity

park and sky

Light 1:Outside

playhouse and toys

Light 2:Indoor

Toy owls

Focus 1: Foreground

Toy Owls

Focus 2:Background

Little Girl at the park

Composition 1: Strong Leading Lines

Composition 2: Lead Room

Composition 2: Lead Room

Like every assignment we are getting for this course at least for me they have been very difficult especially photography! Others in my family are responsible for taking pictures because mine usually come out blurry. This assignment forced me to take photographs in hopes that I learn about lighting, focus, and composition. I took many photos but think that the photos above were my best work. To me I thought that the originals looked good but took the suggestion of Sister Larson and used Light Room. I used the Detail, Tone Curve, and Basic for all photos to want I thought looked pleasing to the eye.

For Light I went with the picture of the park in the afternoon approaching the evening so you can start to see that the sun would start to set. Since the sunset was due to set at 5:58pm I decided to go about 5:30 to get me shot. I walked up the hill so that I could have a view of the park and of the sky. For indoor light I decided to use my daughters toys and used natural light versus dim or electrical light. I used Sophia’s toys to make a family portrait outside of their tree house and took it from a distance to make sure that I got the whole scene.

Focus had me a bit confused because I didn’t know how far was far but tried it anyways. I thought it would be cute to photograph an owl couple away from each other. In Foreground I used spot metering and held down to focus and took the picture and I could see the difference the girl owl and boy one. In background I did the same thing and used spot metering and focus and the front owl. I could see all the details in his shirt and stitched in button it look sharp.

Composition was the hardest of all because I had to learn about the rule of thirds and what lead room was. I used a lines when I told Sophia to sit and the curb because it was a straight line. I also had tress and an electrical box in the picture that served as lines behind her. Lead room was fun for me because I got to photograph Sophia in my favorite state of hers, happy. I told her to look at Dad who was standing away from us but had to do it quick because she probably couldn’t not hold that pose for very long.

This assignment has taught me about the different element that go into clicking to take a photo. Some of my pictures I don’t think had the best lightning because I was just snapping instead of realizing  that I have to utilize lighting as it can be your friend in this process. Eye-opening that everything even a picture has a method and process to it for it to be beautiful.


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