8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Helloitsmesmile – Tumblr Blog
Objective: Create buzz about my blog and have people follow it through creating a Fan page on Facebook with the information to the Tumblr Blog..
Strategy: I want others to benefit from my blog’s content so I created a hashtag #inspiredtosmile to start media buzz for more followers.

I hope  viewing fan page images and content for Helloitsmesmilethis will give you an understanding of what this blog has and how it should be followed for the information listed below, after reading this I hope you will follow and enjoy the blog and my efforts and brightening up your days.

screen shot of cover pagefacebook postfacebook post 2facebook post 3heart shaped cloud

Sunlight in Desertwaves against the rocks

I started this blog on Tumblr for this class. It’s called Helloitsmesmile and it focuses on inspiring along with spreading the Gospel through quotes that uplift from Prophets and others who bring Positivity into our lives. A while ago, I was on my Instagram and saw that there were a lot of pages dedicated to uplift, make us think and reflect, make us smile. For me most of those were LDS based but in thinking about this project I didn’t see as much pages as these on Tumblr. They have some but I wanted to get involved in helping others smile or peak their interest in a quote that was church based in hopes that they will be curious to read the articles, thus drawing them in and letting see how loved they are.

I was inactive in the church for many years but my mom daily sent me a text message every morning for about 6 years, that didn’t get me back to Church but it did help grow my knowledge and fueled that fire that felt dim at times. I decided that I want to be someone who can uplift even if I don’t know you personally. Making a blog page on Tumblr would encourage me to have to be more insightful and read my articles and talk by the Prophets so that I could be a positive influence for all that read or see my posts.

My post consists of a beautiful picture and a quote or scripture. I know inspiration doesn’t only come from the Church so I post quotes from other people that can uplift as well. Good messages that help me smile is what I like to use. Creating for me is a challenge but is something I look forward to because I want to show my love for the gospel and for Jesus Christ. My strategy is still growing daily because I have not had anyone follow me yet. I have had likes but no followers and I want to change that. I’m learning how to hashtag and as I post I try to add hashtag that I want to promote my work.

The message of my blog is to inspire us to be different and more Christ-like or just in a good person with positive vibes, if religion isn’t your focus. I want people be happy when they read it, see the content, and share with others the positivity it brings to start a movement of love and kindness to everyone.

I am aiming to target everyone! Meaning children, teens, young adults, adult, and the elderly. This is for everyone there is no age boundary on being a good person and having a good outlook on life.

I added the posts that I have created with pictures that relate what the quote is describing and use quotes from church leaders along with people who are positive, this can be anyone. I like to share for Non-members who can peak their interest in the church through quotes but also just things that truly can make us smile in a time of darkness we are currently living in.

Elizabeth McDonald Hi Erika. Great theme, by the way. I love the images and positive messages. I also love the hashtag #inspiredtosmile. I am a little confused about what was required for this lesson. Were we supposed to have a business we are representing? If not, then from what I can tell, this is perfect. Great job!
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Cristiano Trindade Hey Erika… I loved your theme and your pictures. The theme is really relevant nowadays so if you are doing this for real, congratulations. The pictures are also motivating which goes along with your message. If I had to change anything, would be font a little bit so it would be a little easier to read. Other than that, awesome job!
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I received really good critiques from everyone. My previous infographic was seen by Jolene, Megan, Leslie, Pollyanna, and  Sister Larson and they advised me about fixing my grammatical errors, so that was the first thing I looked over and fixed. I then had a suggestion from Sister Larson and decided to go with option B instead of infographic. I kept the content of images because they were in fact something I created I used pictures and added the text so that they could be  inspirational and it was indeed created by me but I pulled pictures and quotes from different sources and cited the sources in the picture itself. Both Elizabeth and Cristiano liked my idea for the content I post and a suggestion from Cristiano was to change the font to read a bit clearer. I didn’t change it because I had already posted it but going forward will make sure that it easy to read.
I critiqued : Jolene Bullock and Elizabeth McDonald (first post that was deleted)

Image Profile: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/401101910537100416/

Cover Page: https://www.magicmurals.com/los-angeles-skyline.html

Post 1 – http://blog.ted.com/the-joy-of-cloudspotting-10-incredible-visions-in-clouds/

Post 2 – https://500px.com/photo/159532893/the-elements-of-life-by-max-rive?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=2361093

Post 3 – http://www.oftwolands.com/tasmania

Source of screenshot for Fan page are from : https://www.facebook.com/helloitsmesmile/

Cover Page – Imprint MT Shadow, Serif

Post 1 – Imprint MT Shadow, Serif, Body and Hashtag

Post 2 – High Tower Text, Serif for Body and Hashtag

Post 3 – Pacifico, Decorative Script body, Leelawadee UI Hashtag San Serif


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