7A Magazine Spread Content & Sketches

This project was easy but difficult for the following reasons: It was easier to design my sketches and determining where placement goes. I’m not professional but I’m learning so this empowers me to get creative. The reason way I felt it was hard was because I had to think about the story I wanted to write about, was in appropriate for a church magazine? I wanted to tell this story because it is personal, it’s my story. It is my spiritual experience returning to church after being inactive for 12 years. I was raised in the church and wanted to explain how faith works. I wanted to target the Ensign adult audience because I think that many can benefit from my story. My family faithfully continued to sow the mustard seed of faith in the gospel that was planted within me long ago. I had the experience that forever changed my life and put me back on the path of straight and narrow. I hope you enjoy my process and story. This is my process:


An eleven-year-old boy asked his aunt for help and guidance because he was feeling lost. He came from a broken home and was struggling being shuffled around between his parents. He felt that his aunt was a positive influence in his life because his parents were not. They were unavailable to him, preoccupied with their own lives and chaos each had. So, it’s easy to see why this young boy found refuge in his aunt.

His aunt was a single mother with two young children and was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. She was raised in the church and continued in adulthood to be a faithful member. When she noticed that her nephew needed positivity in his life she saw the opportunity to begin speaking to him about the gospel. He was thrilled for the attention and care he received that he welcomed the missionaries to teach him. He began asking more and more about the Church and decided that he wanted to be baptized. This made his aunt very happy but she knew that she would need permission from his mother to do this. She went to his mother, her sister and asked her if it would be okay for her nephew to be baptized. Since his mother was not an active member of the Church and had no intentions to change her mind, she gave her sister a condition: If she asked him and it was what He wanted she would not stand in his way BUT, she didn’t want any part of that process. His aunt would oversee how to pick up her nephew and continue to teach this young boy without bothering his mother.

A mustard seed comes to mind, as you can see how His Aunt began to plant a mustard seed within this young boy and to sow His mothers, the boy’s grandmother had already planted long ago when both his mother and aunt were children. I recall this scripture, “It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree…” Luke 13:19 Their mother worked tirelessly to make sure that she did her part instilling the words of the Lord and his gospel of love. His aunt started with missionary dinners where they had lessons over dinner. He was baptized and his mother seeing his growth within the church decided to attend his baptism still refusing to water the mustard seed of faith planted inside if her.

Two years later, on a November morning after a night of party and reckless behavior at a Halloween party. A woman woke up groggy from consuming way too much alcohol. She is greeted by the morning sunrays penetrating her face and she quickly sit up and says, “I need to go to Church!” she is still dizzy, disoriented, and with her eyes barely open quickly changes and gets a ride to the only ward she knows. She arrives to the chapel and is confused because she realizes that she is in an English ward when all along she was raised in a Spanish ward. When she arrived, she felt the presence of the Holy Ghost so strong leading her into sacrament that had not yet started. She is overcome by the spirit and began to cry inconsolably.

The missionaries approached her and asked if they could help with anything. She explained that she woke up and felt compelled to come even though she had been out all night the previous night. She was an inactive member who had lost her way and was confused as to how and why she was there. She explained that she was a single mother of 2 boys. The missionaries then asked for advice because they had a young boy they were teaching and didn’t know how to approach the situation. The boy they were teaching wanted more than everything to have his mother change her life and better theirs by living the messages of the gospel. This woman wanting to help proceeded to ask about the boy and began seeing similarities to her oldest son. The missionaries proceeded to say “We don’t know how to approach David’s Mother or how to find her and her sister Samantha said she doesn’t want to see us.” In that moment, I looked to them and said I am Samantha’s sister and her nephew is my son, David!”

I realized that day that like a mustard seed, my seed of faith grew into something bigger than I could comprehend at the time. My family’s faith was so great that it prompted me to follow the Spirt into the Church and accept the message of the restored gospel on that sweet November day.

foggy road and trees

mustard seed on fingerautumn leavesrays coming thorugh the treessketch for magazine spread

I didn’t include my color scheme in the sketch but it is Complementary using orange and blue

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2 thoughts on “7A Magazine Spread Content & Sketches

  1. Jesus Arredondo says:

    Erika I liked the story and the images you have chosen are beautiful i loved the picture with the mustered seed I think this story shows how faith can blessed our lives and how a little seed of faith can grow even if it has not been nourished the teachings and the principles will always remain and will help us even to come back if we give a chance for that see to work in us.

    Thanks for the story I liked also your sketches they look good I think you will have a good spread at the end

    Please visit Megan’s blog post https://megansirrine.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/7a-magazine-content-sketches/comment-page-1/#comment-12


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